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Tree care improves appearance and health.

Your trees help beautify your property and the surroundings areas. Trees play an important role in any aspects of life in Coral Springs FL and tree care is an important part of long after your trees and your landscapes. Green Monkey Tree Services provides tree care services in Coral Springs FL. Their tree care services include pruning, trimming, removal and grinding.


Tree care is about making trees look better and improving the health and life span of trees. Tree care often starts on planting day. You want to plant your trees in the right location and suitable soil conditions.


Knowing your tree species and requirements also helps with proper landscape planning and tree care. There are many different types of trees that you might want to plant such as avocado trees, bald cypress trees, coconut palm trees, royal pam trees, banana trees, magnolia trees, black olive trees, mango trees and more.


Tree care services include trimming, pruning, tree removal, stump removal, grinding. There are various degrees of trimming and pruning inkling light pruning, normal pruning and heavy pruning.

Tree removal if often a last resort but could be requires when the tree is damaged and poses a risk to property and people. Hazardous tree removal can help prevent damage to properties and injury to people. A dying or heavily damaged tree can pose a serious risk to people and property.

Tree pruning is best left to qualified arborists. It is a bit like surgery. Tree pruning gets rid of diseased, infected and dead branches.  Tree pruning requires special equipment and expert knowledge.

Tree trimming will improve the appearance and overall health of the trees. Tree trimming can also alter the shape of the tree and improve your view by removing obstructing branches and limbs.



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